Meaning of flesh-coloured in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflɛʃˌkʌləd/


See flesh colour

‘Current favourites include my gunmetal grey dress by Gucci, a flesh-coloured silk dress with a huge rose corsage by Yves St-Laurent Rive Gauche, and a fabulous pure white dress by Versace.’
  • ‘Wearing a flesh-coloured foam helmet that gives her the proportions of a newborn, Lee performs an uncanny imitation of a baby in this almost dialogue-free exploration of the mother-child bond.’
  • ‘And who could forget the famous flesh-coloured, beaded dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when serenading ‘Mister President’ John Kennedy in 1962?’
  • ‘Daddy was similarly smothered in dead-of-night shades, inky black tattoos obscuring any flesh-coloured parts and only copious body piercings to distinguish him from the road surface.’
  • ‘Hitchcock shot the shower sequence in fragments, and it took seven days to shoot with Leigh wearing a flesh-coloured moleskin.’
  • ‘I would love to know if there is a company that makes flesh-coloured cotton socks.’
  • ‘An insider said: ‘She wasn't completely naked - she did wear flesh-coloured underwear to preserve her modesty.’’
  • ‘She will wear a flesh-coloured two piece costume.’
  • ‘The night sky had turned flesh-colored, reflecting snow.’
  • ‘Now maybe I can toss out those flesh-colored threadbare drawers of his that always give me a fright.’