Meaning of fleshiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflɛʃɪnəs/


See fleshy

‘In this case, the consequences include, but are not limited to, alarming rates of increased blood pressure, skyrocketing levels of high cholesterol and stunning reports of impromptu fleshiness among today's youth.’
  • ‘There is a titanic struggle going on as the fallen giant flexes the too apparent fleshiness of his albeit monumental body against the components of a technological world he cannot contain.’
  • ‘I found this picture a little creepy - Ganesh's very human fleshiness.’
  • ‘Breton says it's outrageous that Quebec women pay tens of millions a year in an unnecessary quest to shed their beautiful fleshiness.’
  • ‘Other pictures use a network of brushstrokes that at first seem to recall the plus-and-minus signs of Philip Guston in the '50s, but Brown does not aim for the sensuous fleshiness of Guston's work.’
  • ‘Their pinky fleshiness evokes feelings of the uncanny - as though we're looking at microscopic studies of normally recognizable tissue that's been deformed.’
  • ‘Alternatively, however, some buyers may associate the increased fleshiness with higher nutrition and health and then pay a price premium for preconditioned calves.’
  • ‘Producers need to recognize that added weight means lower prices, ceteris paribus, and may increase fleshiness which was found in this study to be discounted.’
  • ‘Both are made from Cabernet franc, but are much lustier than conventional Bourgueil wines, veering towards the fleshiness of New World Merlot in the Valinieres Cuvee.’
  • ‘Perhaps being disposed to look for affinities, I do see something to connect the physiognomies, in a certain fleshiness of the features, the long prominent noses, the deep upper lips.’