Meaning of fleshless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflɛʃ(ə)ləs/


See flesh

‘The other one, Ravi, was very thin, almost fleshless and mentally weak.’
  • ‘Buried in shallow trenches, the fleshless skeletons were exhumed right after the war.’
  • ‘To compensate for his size, he instead had the looks of a necromancer, with a fleshless bony body that held a few rotting strands of skin onto it.’
  • ‘But the narrator is so unsympathetic, so blank and fleshless, that it's hard to feel engaged by her story, unless by the freak-show details.’
  • ‘Scientists who become infected with the virus are transformed into slavering cannibals, with the Doberman guard dogs reborn as fleshless hounds from hell.’
  • ‘The face and hands of the first were by now fleshless, but from the possessions in the pockets Trelawney was able to tell that the body was undoubtedly that of Shelley.’
  • ‘Cronyn is an inimitable professional, but her Virginia is disappointingly virtuous and fleshless.’
  • ‘Seen straight on, with his bald, skull-like head, wasp waist and fleshless body, he appears graceless and impassive, too frail to survive; his limbs appear too thin to bear the weight of his head and torso.’
  • ‘At the hour of dinner, ‘the chops of the learned professor watered with expectation when, lo! to his disappointment and horror, the fleshless skull was presented’.’
  • ‘But their victory celebration proved to be somewhat premature when a fleshless fist collided with Rita's head knocking her to the ground.’