Meaning of fleshpots in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflɛʃpɒts/

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plural noun

  • Places providing luxurious or hedonistic living.

    ‘he had lived the life of a roué in the fleshpots of London and Paris’
    • ‘Even so, they knew they had to shun London's fleshpots, since they had only two trains they could catch after the game, the 7.30 pm and the 8.30 pm - the latter being the very last they could take north on a Saturday night.’
    • ‘After their wild night in the fleshpots and hotspots of Leeds, the boys, together with a trio of female friends head to Mull.’
    • ‘This travel writer shuns the baking, bleached fleshpots of Tenerife's southern climes to find a different kind of holiday in the north of the island…’
    • ‘I have also discovered that, without much crime to keep them busy, the local cops set up a roadblock every weekend, effectively cutting me off from the fleshpots of Kalk Bay and all points north.’
    • ‘I hadn't seen Neil for about eight years, and decided to drop in on him in Leeds, where he threatened/promised to take me to the fleshpots, whatever that meant.’
    • ‘In fact, he learned how to paint like a master after extensively touring Bohemian Europe, especially the fleshpots of Paris (where he clashed with Picasso) and Italy.’
    • ‘Of course, my real-life ego is still out and about in the beer-soaked homosexual fleshpots of Nottingham, and so is blissfully unaware of all this…’
    • ‘But, no, what they probably wanted was to be within easy reach of the fleshpots along the French Côte d' Azur.’
    • ‘Of course this was a caricature: most people in 1966 spent their evenings tucked up in front of the Black and White Minstrel Show rather than living it up in the fleshpots of Chelsea.’
    • ‘He begged the delegates not to waste their money on ‘the fleshpots of Blackpool… or those curiously ventilated undergarments’.’
    • ‘Just a year or two short of thirty, he enjoyed the desert, but enjoyed the fleshpots of Cairo rather more, when he could find dancing girls rather than the boys that were thrust upon him.’
    • ‘The couple were more or less packed and ready to head for the fleshpots when they received a second, more frantic, call from the custodian of their upper-market London dosshouse.’
    • ‘From the fleshpots of London to the fields of Derbyshire: this shirt (and its many, many compatriots) has been on quite some journey.’
    • ‘Byron's enthusiastic exploration of the Venetian fleshpots eventually scuppered his relationship with Marianna Segati and her husband.’
    • ‘The white perched villages of the High Sierra, like Grazalema, are still a couple of centuries behind in pace and are all within a day's drive of the coastal fleshpots.’
    • ‘After a fortnight's break, the latter week spent amid the fleshpots of exotic South Wales, your diarist returns suitably broadened.’
    • ‘They were in Westminster, safe from the eyes of the outside world and London's many drinking dens and fleshpots.’
    • ‘As it turns out, isolation from the fleshpots of LA and Seattle has its upside.’
    • ‘They constitute fleshpots and dens of wickedness which should be eschewed for the sake of your soul.’


Early 16th century with biblical allusion to the fleshpots of Egypt (Exod. 16:3).