Meaning of fletch in English:


Pronunciation /flɛtʃ/


[with object]
  • Provide (an arrow) with feathers for flight.

    ‘most arrows are fletched with 3- to 5-inch feathers’
    • ‘A yew longbow rested on his shoulder; the hawk feather fletched arrows were in the quiver on the other.’
    • ‘I said nothing as Ella aimed carefully and delivered six feather fletched arrows to the center circle on te target.’
    • ‘She now had her own elven bow that Tré had carved for her, and the silvery green, wooden arrows were fletched with owl feathers, and flew true.’
    • ‘When we reached the target area there were three men practicing, each with a pile of brightly fletched arrows at their feet and a full quiver on their backs.’
    • ‘Abasi lay dead on the snow, a black fletched arrow in his heart.’
    • ‘A fine bow was left in the corner along with several well fletched arrows placed in a decent quiver.’
    • ‘I've seen arrows fletched with three and four vanes, but never two.’
    • ‘Long a leader in components for the archer who builds his own arrows, Bohning has a kit that lets both traditional and compound bowhunters create custom cresting patterns on shafts before they're fletched.’
    • ‘The arrows were a strong golden wood he didn't recognize, fletched with stunning red feathers.’
    • ‘She would fletch arrows, and sharpen her skinning knife, and bring in meat for that night's meal in whatever way she chose.’
    • ‘Vincent had laughed at me afterwards, saying that as long as I only had to fletch arrows I'd be set for the day.’
    • ‘For the rest of the week I would meet Kristram in the small courtyard and he taught me how to fletch arrows.’
    • ‘Spend most of today fletching arrows (putting feathers on them), repairing chain mail and cleaning helmets.’
    • ‘Her people moved everywhere, tending their horses and the small goats that gave them clothes and food, or nursing children, or sharpening weapons, or fletching arrows.’
    • ‘Argaen's youngest cousin, Lyam, was fletching arrows, while discussing with Gareth the best method of curing the feathers for the ends.’
    • ‘This doesn't mean that you must get into building and fletching arrows.’
    • ‘David was sitting on the edge of the stone steps - and fletching arrows, of all things.’
    • ‘I am currently using turkey feathers to fletch with, after spending half a day on a commercial turkey farm plucking wing feathers as the birds went into the slaughter house.’
    • ‘Before she could reply, Alvar cut her off from where he was supposedly observing their match from atop one of the boulders, sitting cross-legged, absently fletching several new arrows for the upcoming final trial.’
    • ‘I would recommend that all archers, of whatever discipline, should learn to make and serve bowstrings, and set up and fletch arrows.’


  • Each of the feathered vanes of an arrow.

    in combination ‘a four-fletch arrow’
    • ‘The archers name or initials must be marked on the arrow shaft near the fletches or in the area provided by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘The faster the arrow the smaller the fletch can be (usually).’
    • ‘Usually three fletches are glued to the arrow shaft near the rear of the arrow.’
    • ‘The fletch is off set slightly to rotate the arrow in flight.’


Mid 17th century alteration of fledge, probably influenced by fletcher.