Meaning of flexion in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflɛkʃ(ə)n/


(also flection)
mass noun
  • The action of bending or the condition of being bent, especially the bending of a limb or joint.

    ‘flexion of the fingers’
    • ‘During flexion, the spinal cord lengthens.’
    • ‘The wound was closed in layers, and a compressive dressing was applied with the ankle in slight plantar flexion.’
    • ‘The patient should be supine with some flexion of the dorsal spine to relax the tension of the anterior abdominal wall.’
    • ‘Pain is increased with wrist flexion and forearm supination performed under resistance.’
    • ‘The most common mechanism of injury in ankle sprains is a combination of plantar flexion and inversion.’
    • ‘The pain is often exacerbated by activities requiring plantar flexion.’
    • ‘The calf should be gently squeezed by the physician, who watches for flexion in the patient's foot.’
    • ‘With the knee in 30 degrees of flexion, the collateral ligaments can be isolated.’
    • ‘The patient's wrist is then held in flexion, and active finger extension with resistance is tested.’
    • ‘The elbow joint is very stable and is limited to flexion and extension.’
    • ‘However, the range of motion for cervical rotation and lateral flexion increased more in the training groups than in the control group.’
    • ‘Splinting the finger in slight flexion for two weeks should promote proper healing.’
    • ‘With bleeding into the joint cavity, the joint is swollen and held in flexion, and its use is limited.’
    • ‘Each finger is equipped with its own flexor tendon that controls flexion toward the palm.’
    • ‘The most common movement is a dorsiflexion of the ankles and flexion of the knees or hips.’
    • ‘Next, complete seven reps from that halfway point up to full flexion (joint closed).’
    • ‘Keeping our joints in flexion gives us the feeling of being held, and this is a big part of what allows us to let go on a deep, subconscious level.’
    • ‘Similar symptoms developed around the wrist; extension and flexion became painful, lasting more than three months.’
    • ‘With the participants in a supine position, we tested internal and external rotation, flexion, and extension of the hips.’
    • ‘Nightly splint use is recommended to prevent prolonged wrist flexion or extension.’


Early 17th century from Latin flexio(n-), from flectere ‘to bend’.