Meaning of flexuous in English:



mainly literary
  • Full of bends and curves.

    ‘he put an arm around her flexuous waist’
    • ‘Howard's full range of terms was: cirrus (for clouds made up of ‘parallel, flexuous, or dividing fibres’); cumulus (for convex or conical heaps, building upwards from a horizontal base); and stratus, horizontal sheets of cloud.’
    • ‘This new interpretation accounts for its appearance as an extended flexuous series of cells, some of which are not seen to be in mutual contact, exhibiting nonlinear cell-size variation.’
    • ‘Electron microscopy revealed flexuous filamentous virus particles.’
    • ‘This slouching, bending and re shaping my flexuous spine is a one of many bad side effects from writing and reading.’
    twisting, winding, curving, curvy, bending, sinuous, undulating, coiling, looping, meandering, serpentine, snaking, snaky, zigzag, convoluted, spiralling, twisty, circuitous, rambling, wandering, indirect, deviating, devious, labyrinthine, mazy



/ˈflɛksjʊəs/ /ˈflɛkʃʊəs/


Early 17th century from Latin flexuosus, from flexus ‘a bending’, from the verb flectere.