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flick through

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phrasal verb

  • flick through somethingLook quickly through a book, magazine, etc.

    ‘she was flicking through a copy of Vogue’
    • ‘When a book is released I flick through a few magazines and if I find something, buy the magazine, cut out the review, and add it to my scrap books.’
    • ‘And House of Leaves is a massively fun book to flick through, no question.’
    • ‘‘It hardly has the romance of Romeo and Juliet, I know,’ says Michelle, laughing as she flicks through Brides magazine.’
    • ‘Over several cups of tea, Watson flicks through a lavish coffee-table book - The Vienna Album, which accompanied his recent exhibition in Austria.’
    • ‘As D' Alancaisez flicks through his book of ideas I hope he may one day be inspired to use his undoubted skill to experiment in other genres of photography.’
    • ‘She was flicking through a magazine. ‘Look at that,’ she said, tapping the page with a well manicured finger.’
    • ‘It's a measure of the current embattled men's magazine market that flicking through a pile of them in a public bar feels dirty and faintly illegal.’
    • ‘I sit on the living-room carpet flicking through Bondini's books.’
    • ‘Historians flicking through the record books will conclude, accurately as it turns out, that he mustn't have been playing.’
    • ‘Probably just a researcher flicking through an occult book.’
    • ‘His quest began in 1979 when he was flicking through a book of British hit singles and realised he already had many of the tracks listed.’
    • ‘They're happy in their Studio City home in LA, and have already started flicking through baby name books.’
    • ‘Such an age is usually just beyond recall, except by those flicking through the Bumper Book Of Rosy Old Clichés.’
    • ‘The guy on the end of the phone line is flicking through the club history book, looking for nuggets of information with which to woo.’
    • ‘Do that, and we may start flicking through the address book on your mobile phone.’
    • ‘After Lee flicked through magazines to find a style she liked, Aline conferred with tutor Jayne Laverick to make sure she knew how to tackle the cut.’
    • ‘I tried to ignore the mayhem and flicked through Chris's book.’
    • ‘I know because I flicked through the book once whilst in Borders in Brighton, so therefore I am an authority.’
    • ‘A flick through the reference manual quickly reveals that Hewlett's remarks have solid foundations.’
    • ‘I didn't buy it, though I did flick through a few pages.’
    thumb, thumb through, leaf through, flip through, run through, skim through, scan, look through, riffle through, browse through, dip into, glance at, glance through, peruse, read quickly, have a quick look at, run one's eye over, give something a once-over, give something the once-over
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