Meaning of flight case in English:

flight case


  • A sturdy case used for transporting equipment.

    ‘There was a press do there, so lots of free drink and probably some nibbles, but I didn't want the Old Compton Street door-types picking through my bag and demanding to look in the metal flight case I was carrying.’
    • ‘He will visit five takeaways in each city and take samples of peppery sauce in test tubes which will then be stored in a flight case.’
    • ‘The local stage manager is fascinated as I disassemble and pack my bike into its flight case.’
    • ‘I had the tape with me in order to secure the funky locks on my bicycle flight case.’
    • ‘A premium flight case and multipin cable are included.’
    • ‘Both novice and more experienced musicians came away from the night with a flight case full of new techniques to practise at home.’
    • ‘In selections from Tall Paul's flight case, beats, basslines, synths and choppy vocals drone on in a shrill, transfixing fashion, with nothing clocking under 125 bpm.’
    • ‘The Touring Package includes the popular console, flight case and spare power supply.’
    • ‘And it's a job which sits nicely with his other professional interests as a singer/comedian in clubs and a businessman who sells flight cases for musical instruments.’
    • ‘He is now resting from showbiz as he works on his main business, making flight cases for musical instruments and other fragile items.’
    • ‘There's no need to board the boat armed with enormous flight cases full of equipment, only to have to assemble and dismantle it all on what could be a boatful of divers of no fixed experience.’
    • ‘Springsteen and his wife Patti strolled into the empty auditorium, and sat on a couple of flight cases to listen.’
    • ‘My job for the day is to help build the radio studio, which is currently in a dozen flight cases scattered around the place.’
    • ‘The pick for the DJ flight cases is ‘The Dream Lives On,’ representing Holder at his minimal finest.’
    • ‘Many of their 12-inches have adorned the playlists and flight cases of the best and brightest spinners, including their point man Mark Farina.’
    • ‘Again - it would have been manageable if the stage hadn't had a big rake which meant we were chasing the flight cases so they wouldn't roll into the auditorium!’
    • ‘It is a boon that he feels able once more to talk about music - indeed, that he was ready to go rooting through the flight cases in his store room and dig out the tapes for this concert.’