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flight crew


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treated as singular or plural
  • The personnel who are responsible for the operation of an aircraft during flight.

    treated as singular ‘the flight crew aims to ensure you enjoy your trip’
    • ‘the flight crew were fined for not having entry visas’
    • ‘The Americans provide the medical crew and equipment while Australians supply the aircraft and flight crew, as well as medical personnel.’
    • ‘The aircraft flight crew included two pilots, a member of the aviation crew who served as a data recorder, and two primary observers, one on each side of the aircraft.’
    • ‘On a long endurance mission the aircraft has a crew of 34, with 6 flight crew and 28 system operators.’
    • ‘The aircraft is manned by five flight crew and ten mission crew.’
    • ‘The wet lease, which will include the aircraft, flight crew and maintenance services, will initially last for three months.’
    • ‘We had to cancel more than 200 flights due to aircraft and flight crew being out of place or exceeding their legal working hours.’
    • ‘The company wants to cut the pay of 36,000 workers, including flight crew, cabin crew, engineers, administrative staff and ground staff.’
    • ‘And it's something that helps relieve some of the pressure that would otherwise be required of the flight crew to keep that aircraft stable.’
    • ‘The aircraft is flown by two flight crew with between six and ten mission crew.’
    • ‘He said the flight crew didn't ask that the aircraft be de-iced, and that the last time he saw the airplane, there still was ice on the airframe.’
    • ‘The two airline transport certificated flight crew members were fatally injured.’
    • ‘The flight crew arrived from Miami on Thursday, 5 August, and high-speed taxi tests were completed later that same day.’
    • ‘The flight across the Alps was described as ‘difficult’ by the flight crew.’
    • ‘Notification of the closure had been included in the paperwork the flight crew received before departure.’
    • ‘Sergeant Bradley hears over the radio that the flight crew is on its way.’
    • ‘Passengers must present photo identification to the flight crew before boarding.’
    • ‘Our flight crew had flown as a unit since August 1944 and we worked well as a team.’
    • ‘The flight crew reported a loss of engine power approximately six minutes after takeoff.’
    • ‘The passenger replaced the lid to trap the amphibian, and notified the flight crew.’
    • ‘In the event of an actual airline incident the direction of airline flight crew, pilots and/or air marshals should be followed.’