Meaning of flight envelope in English:

flight envelope


  • The range of combinations of speed, altitude, angle of attack, etc., within which a flying object is aerodynamically stable.

    ‘A fully automatic rocket-assisted ejection seat allows escape at all altitudes and speeds within the aircraft's flight envelope.’
    • ‘Colonel Kinnaird said the flight's test pilots are not Chuck Yeager types who venture into a flight envelope that has never been done before.’
    • ‘The improvement in flight characteristics provided by the four-bladed configuration has led to increases in flight envelope, maximum speed, vertical rate-of-climb, payload and rotor vibration level.’
    • ‘In this case, a combination of poor landing-gear-uplock design and possible proximity-switch failures caused a system failure within the established flight envelope.’
    • ‘The reason is that when we were out exploring the frontiers, we were out at the edges of the flight envelope all the time, testing limits.’
    • ‘The pilot controls the aircraft through a computerised digital fly-by-wire system which provides artificial stabilisation and gust elevation to give good control characteristics throughout the flight envelope.’
    • ‘The speed brake can be employed throughout the entire aircraft flight envelope with minimal change to steady state trim settings.’
    • ‘CNN had set up a video camera in the rear cockpit to film the flight and, according to plans, a further testing of the aircraft's flight envelope would be undertaken.’
    • ‘The primary objective of Helios' recent checkout flight was to expand the flight envelope of the aircraft and verify proper operation of aircraft systems at high altitudes.’
    • ‘The multi-year project will expand the hypersonic flight envelope for air-breathing engines.’
    • ‘‘The flight envelope of the pod in which it is mounted is open to 50,000 ft,’ says Topaz.’
    • ‘Rocketplane has modest goals to achieve passenger service in a flight envelope that was tested 45 years ago with X - 15.’
    • ‘This implies that, if abort capability is desired during this part of the flight envelope, some type of rocket-powered escape capsule must be used.’
    • ‘All the problems with Discovery's flight tell us we haven't yet done what it takes to fully understand the flight envelope.’
    • ‘The different operating environments and generally different types of flight envelope between the two mean a comparison of hours is of little value unless you factor in all the differences.’
    • ‘Through a robust airworthiness procedure, its test and engineering capabilities allow for the safe operation of aircraft outside of standard flight envelopes.’