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flight lieutenant


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  • A rank of officer in the RAF, above flying officer and below squadron leader.

    ‘The group ranges in rank from sergeant to flight lieutenant and includes technical specialists, a military working dog handler and an air traffic control officer.’
    • ‘He was promoted to the rank of flight lieutenant in 1998 and started a RAAF undergraduate residency training at Nambour General Hospital in Queensland.’
    • ‘He served as a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force bomber command until 1947.’
    • ‘The trophy, initiated in 1996, recognises outstanding achievement by personnel from sergeant to flight lieutenant in the technical and engineering fields.’
    • ‘Identifying ways for engineers to help solve their profession's declining workforce numbers has earned a flight lieutenant recognition from his engineering peers.’
    • ‘‘My husband is a bit of a peacock,’ admits Lucy, who is married to an RAF flight lieutenant.’
    • ‘Among those taking part was former mayor and town councillor Maurice Cooper, who is a flight lieutenant with the ATC and has helped run the Marlborough squadron for many years.’
    • ‘At the time McGee, an RAF flight lieutenant in Wiltshire, didn't think about the cause.’
    • ‘Her brother, Alan, spent 14 years in the Navy, her elder sister was a reservist for eight years and her next sister is married to an Air Force flight lieutenant.’
    • ‘He returned to Australia in December and was demobilised in June 1946, a month after he was promoted to flight lieutenant.’
    • ‘He was commissioned in mid-1944 and made flight lieutenant two years later.’
    • ‘Mr Long, a former flight lieutenant, was based at RAF Lyneham from 1962 until 1994.’
    • ‘After the war, he joined Coates, the textile firm, but tired of civilian life within weeks and returned to the RAF with a permanent commission in the rank of flight lieutenant.’
    • ‘McGuinness was born in June 1951, in Rinteln near Hanover, Germany, where his father Philip, a Royal Air Force flight lieutenant, was stationed.’
    • ‘Sadly, due to losing his sight four years ago, the former Royal Air Force flight lieutenant cannot dip into any of the 3,000 or so titles in his home library.’
    • ‘John Mills initially seems typecast as the dashing flight lieutenant, though there are subtle signs early on that he's not all he seems.’
    • ‘Back in 1954 Mr Radford was a flight lieutenant working as a test pilot and earned a salary of around £25 a month.’
    • ‘The flight lieutenant of Lyneham air cadets has praised his youngsters for giving up their Christmas holidays to help victims.’
    • ‘And within the next few days the 26-year-old flight lieutenant from RAF Lyneham will be flying to the Gulf as part of the British military build up.’
    • ‘Former RAF flight lieutenant Mr Banks and his wife started a narrow boat hire business out of Selby lock basin, in 1989.’