Meaning of flight line in English:

flight line



  • 1The part of an airport around the hangars where aircraft can be parked and serviced.

    ‘Maintenance personnel continue to work from a tent flightline, servicing their aircraft in the open.’
    • ‘A pilot prepares for a mission, getting dressed in the life support room before leaving for the flightline and his waiting aircraft.’
    • ‘Four 100-tonne cranes simultaneously lifted roofing into place to form the new ARDU aircraft flightline shelters on March 12.’
    • ‘When it's not physically moving in well-choreographed loops through the lower atmosphere, you'll find his red, white and blue painted office parked on the flightline at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.’
    • ‘Saunders noticed a fluid trail left on the ground by the aircraft as it taxied out and immediately called the flightline to call the jet back.’
    • ‘‘Then we get the status of our planes and perform maintenance in our hangar or out on the flightline,’ Airman Baker said.’
    • ‘Later in the afternoon, when the flying is finished, Rodney, Isaac and Chris venture out on to the flightline with the rest of the crowd to view the aircraft up close and chat to the pilots.’
    • ‘When the aircraft landed, base firefighters greeted them on the flightline with a water cannon arch to mark the end of an era.’
    • ‘It's not just the flightline, not just the people associated with the aircraft.’
    • ‘It came to rest near the flightline, the only damage being a bent propeller, starboard undercarriage door and some dented pride.’
    • ‘Flying Officer David Scomazzon conducts a preflight inspection of his Hawk on the flightline at RAAF Base East Sale.’
    • ‘The first day, the ladies walked to the flightline, were introduced to their flight instructors and told they were expected to know all of the PT - 19's flight instruments the next day.’
    • ‘As aircraft prepared to taxi, every available body on the flightline placed lights on the edges of the taxiway to aid the pilot in maneuvering his aircraft from the cramped parking area.’
    • ‘She pointed out the entry point to the flightline where splattered scars of a mortar attack penetrated the door of a ‘follow-me’ truck but left the driver unharmed.’
    • ‘One member of the maintenance section said that with temperatures on the flightline reaching the mid-50s, his team was certainly earning its keep.’
    • ‘And only those who daily took pride in caring for her will notice she looks fresher than the day she first landed on their flightline.’
    • ‘It hit with sudden fury as the airmen patrolled the flightline where the three nations' jets were housed.’
    • ‘He likes the sense of accomplishment that comes with a busy day on the flightline.’
    • ‘Some flightline projects include construction of aircraft arresting systems, airfield lighting, a control tower, radar approach control and squadron operations systems.’
    • ‘While we were in the hangar, there was still plenty of action on the flightline, especially on the Thunderbird in the spot next to ours.’
  • 2A line of flight.

    • ‘the birds move in well-defined flight lines to the feeding grounds’