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flight recorder


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  • A device in an aircraft that records technical details during a flight, used in the event of an accident to discover its cause.

    ‘It works just like a black box flight recorder in an aircraft.’
    • ‘At each of the crash sites, rescue workers have been issued with pictures of the black-box flight recorder and the voice recorder, which will give vital clues to investigators trying to reconstruct the last minutes of the doomed flights.’
    • ‘Smith and Barnette are quick to caution, however, the final animated product is strictly a recreation of events drawn from the flight recorder data.’
    • ‘The laboratory that produced the black box flight recorder also has a proud record in air accident investigation.’
    • ‘In fact, I want to play this clip right now, which features the actual voice of one of the hijackers - I assume recorded from the flight recorder - and we also hear a voice mail message.’
    • ‘A flight recorder is installed in the tailcone fairing.’
    • ‘You're looking at the flight recorder from that seaplane that crashed the other day, killing 20 people including some children under the age of two.’
    • ‘The achievements of its citizens; from the stump-jump plough and the rotary clothes-hoist to the aeronautical black-box flight recorder all make my chest swell.’
    • ‘The pilots of the Airbus A300 made no emergency calls in the seconds before the crash, and the airliner's black box flight recorder was being analysed for clues as to what happened in the last fateful moments.’
    • ‘After viewing the Enterprise flight recorder, Kirk and Sarek discover who was on the receiving end of the mindmeld: the troubled Dr. McCoy.’
    • ‘The team will hunt for the black box flight recorder and try to piece together the events leading up to the crash.’
    • ‘Excellent, by hiding the unit in the flight recorder they never suspected anything.’
    • ‘This is one of the first times that the otolith has been used as a flight recorder.’
    • ‘If they were fortunate, there might be a flight recorder on the bridge of this old ship to tell them what happened.’
    • ‘The painstaking hunt paid off when on Saturday search teams finally located the flight recorder.’
    • ‘The list of Australian inventions earning big money for overseas companies goes on and on - the black box flight recorder, the orbital engine, gene shears technology, to name just a few.’
    • ‘Indonesia will send the plane's flight recorder and cockpit voice recorder to the U.S., Taiwan or Australia for analysis.’
    • ‘Those were the last words ever heard from the plane although the flight recorder box was later recovered and the sound of fighting and some talk was heard.’
    • ‘Three people are still missing, thought to be trapped in the submerged fuselage, and the plane's flight recorder has yet to be recovered.’
    • ‘The plane's flight recorder had been recovered.’