Meaning of flight risk in English:

flight risk


  • A person thought likely to leave the country before a trial or bail hearing.

    ‘police can detain suspects without charges if they are considered flight risks’
    • ‘The judge said he considered the family a flight risk.’
    • ‘I didn't know I was seen a s a flight risk.’
    • ‘Considered a flight risk, he is in custody awaiting extradition to Spain.’
    • ‘Considered a flight risk by prosecutors, Anthony's bail was posted at $200,000 on each count.’
    • ‘His attorneys opted not to seek his release on bail, in part because he was judged a flight risk.’
    • ‘The judge set bail pretty high because George is such a flight risk.’
    • ‘They wouldn't grant me home leave because I was a flight risk.’
    • ‘I was treated as if I were a criminal, and a flight risk.’
    • ‘In all likelihood, he would go to jail, because he would be considered a flight risk.’
    • ‘The lawyer argued that his client is a solid member of the community and not a flight risk.’
    • ‘I will definitely not pose a threat or danger to society and will not be a significant flight risk because I have nowhere to flee to!’
    • ‘Based on his life as an American and his ties to his community, Mike is not a danger to anyone and does not pose a flight risk.’
    • ‘He's not a flight risk, and he's not a danger to anyone.’
    • ‘Italian law allows suspects to be held for as much as a year without charges if they are considered flight risks.’
    • ‘They are unlikely to get bail as they would be seen as flight risks.’