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flight simulator


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  • A machine designed to resemble an aircraft's cockpit, with computer-generated images that mimic the pilot's view and the aircraft's motion, used for training pilots.

    ‘The secretary of state operated a flight simulator, a 3D computer aided design system and a device for virtual sculpture.’
    • ‘A Tornado flight simulator will also be equipped with the new laser projection system.’
    • ‘Airbus has donated a $50 million flight simulator for training pilots in Beijing.’
    • ‘After 30 days of treatment, the pilots took a flight simulator test to see if they had retained the training they received before treatment.’
    • ‘The group spoke to several base personnel during the visit as well as inspecting a Hawk 127 lead-in fighter from No.79 Squadron and the flight simulator.’
    • ‘To put the experimental brain to the test, the scientist has connected it to a jet flight simulator via the electrode grid and a desktop computer.’
    • ‘The 120 pilots take turns on the airline's flight simulator, while cabin crews take refresher courses.’
    • ‘In this case, the contestants will perform an aerobatic routine on a flight simulator and then submit a video of the performance to the judging panel.’
    • ‘In theory, the system can be used to command a squadron of Eurofighters, because the flight simulator that has been built is modelled after that attack aircraft.’
    • ‘The field also featured a Link trainer, an early flight simulator used to teach the cadets basic instrument flying skills.’
    • ‘One of the tools used to develop the Continental was a reconfigurable engineering flight simulator.’
    • ‘The flying scenes are shot with delirious energy, making the numerous cockpit point-of-view shots seem like a big-screen flight simulator.’
    • ‘The afternoon was spent training on a firearms training simulator and in a flight simulator.’
    • ‘He offered cash for time on a flight simulator, learning how to handle a jumbo jet, but did not want to learn how to take off and land.’
    • ‘Some people he's in touch with every day: Air pilots, who are showing him the ins and outs of flying for a flight simulator he is currently working on.’
    • ‘All airlines require the flight crew undergo annual flight simulator training and qualification.’
    • ‘A flight simulator is not much good in a world without airplanes or if it ignores the laws of nature.’
    • ‘Pilots in the company are tested every three months in a flight simulator and their handling of nonscheduled raids situations are also monitored, according to Young.’
    • ‘They either promise the congregational equivalent of a flight simulator, or else use PowerPoint as a glorified overhead projector.’
    • ‘There I got in a flight simulator, and was forced to memorize all the controls and what they did, I think there are 3,754 of them.’