Meaning of flippy in English:




  • (of a skirt) flared and relatively short, so as to flick up as the wearer walks.

    ‘She even was dressed a little like a schoolgirl that evening, he observed, white button-down shirt, uncharacteristically flippy miniskirt, and a backpack slung across her narrow shoulders.’
    • ‘We had an entire case each of flippy skirts for the city but, although I'd spent days trying on Gore-tex anoraks and khaki quick-dry zip-off hiking trousers, I couldn't bring myself to buy them, instead stocking up on girly fleeces.’
    • ‘Candy dragged me into Wet Seal, where she began sifting through a pile of flippy skirts to find her size (a size one).’
    • ‘I had on a baby blue sleeveless top with a v-neck and a dark blue flippy skirt with baby blue flowers and my black and tan sketchers and a gold opal necklace and a blue sweater I borrowed from Kimmie.’
    • ‘I was excited to wear my new flippy mini skirt but, as I was walking to my friend's house, some boys were giggling behind me.’
    • ‘With more attention focused on legs, hemlines rise and are angled, gored, tiered or flippy.’
    • ‘This season, the designer has added even more romantic details such as layers, mixes of textures, floral patterns, slinky fabrics, and turns out a surprising array of flouncy skirts, skinny jeans and flippy dresses.’
    • ‘After much scrutiny of the clothing bit, we chose a Paul Frank pink tee with black fishnet sleeves and my flippy and pleated black and white striped mini.’