Meaning of flirtatious in English:


Pronunciation /fləːˈteɪʃəs/

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  • 1Behaving in such a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction to someone.

    ‘she was beautiful and very flirtatious’
    • ‘It's also playful, flirtatious and often raucous.’
    • ‘His flirtatious relationship with Mary suggests he's a man who has found his ideal partner and is determined to wear down her resistance.’
    • ‘She wasn't playful or flirtatious, she simply held him to her.’
    • ‘She is smoldering, playful, and flirtatious with a streak of malice.’
    • ‘Just be yourself, but more flirtatious and playful and fun and stuff.’
    • ‘Yet normally she didn't have a playful and flirtatious British boy along for the ride.’
    • ‘‘I am a very flirtatious and sexual person,’ she says.’
    • ‘Claire practically rolled her eyes in agreement when we suggested that Victor - who was mellow and flirtatious to a fault - had slacked off.’
    • ‘Through mechanical, bound movement she playfully encourages our perhaps devious flirtatious tendencies.’
    • ‘Then the brunette went to the toilet and the blonde was behaving in exactly the same flirtatious way as the brunette had been earlier.’
    • ‘This led to flirtatious, prolonged seductions and the delicious build-up of anticipation and desire.’
    • ‘It was flirtatious, teasing, and mischievous.’
    • ‘It's not one of those landscapes that are arch and secretive, it isn't gentle or flirtatious.’
    • ‘She was attractive, flirtatious and a little bit desperate.’
    • ‘As soon as it began, he worried that the girl might be more attracted to Chris, who was so charismatic and flirtatious.’
    • ‘Vicki and Harriet begin a flirtatious relationship, fraught with sexual tension.’
    • ‘Katherine of Aragon does not appear in the film, but Vanessa Redgrave makes a fleeting, non-speaking appearance as an incredibly authentic-looking and flirtatious Anne Boleyn.’
    • ‘It was tender and flirtatious and intimate.’
    • ‘The work is advertised in job centres across the UK - inviting flirtatious men and women to contact a website address for the Harrogate-based firm.’
    • ‘‘She's naturally flirtatious and not exactly shy about being charming towards gentlemen ’, says one who has experienced her allure.’
    coquettish, flirty, provocative, seductive, inviting, amorous, kittenish, coy, arch, teasing, playful, frisky, flighty, skittish, dallying, philandering
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    1. 1.1Expressing a playful sexual attraction.
      ‘a flirtatious smile’
      • ‘There was a wicked grin on his face, and Marla couldn't help the flirtatious and alluring smile she sent back to him.’
      • ‘Sick now of the confusion and discomfort Simone took charge, ‘Ok, Kyle, Tay, you two can go up against me and Josh’ she paused briefly to give the dirty blonde haired boy a flirtatious smile.’
      • ‘With its swirled flashy design and swishy beaded fringe, the lampshades are like a flirtatious smile in a roomful of strangers, bold and impossible to ignore.’
      • ‘Having said her piece for the moment, Amanda turned back towards the vehicle, before spinning again to give Sam what Kate was horrified to note was a rather flirtatious smile.’
      • ‘His flirtatious smile widens as he replies: ‘Well, why don't you take my shirt off?’’
      • ‘It was not a flirtatious smile in anyway, very jovial i think it was.’
      • ‘She flashed him a flirtatious smile and waited for a response.’
      • ‘I flashed him my most flirtatious smile, and he raised his eyebrows.’
      • ‘Dylan offered to go get Adie's coffee, a direct product of the harmlessly flirtatious smile she shot him as she sat down.’
      • ‘She combined an impetuous, coltish physicality with high glamour and a flirtatious, seductive allure.’
      • ‘With that, Willow smiled, not a flirtatious grin with a wink, not a sneer, not a scowl; the sickness had wracked her sharply, forcing a new, solemn calm upon her.’
      • ‘I gave her a subtle finger wave with a flirtatious smile.’
      • ‘Parker snickered, flashing me and Riley a flirtatious smile.’
      • ‘Unlike most girls I didn't stare or flash a flirtatious smile.’
      • ‘Settling herself at a tall bar stool, she threw the bartender a flirtatious smile as she rearranged her short jean skirt to cover her lengthy legs.’
      • ‘Silence hung between them for a few minutes, wrapped with flirtatious suggestion.’
      • ‘Stephanie thought little more about the footballer's flirtatious promise to be on the same flight as her out of Johannesburg.’
      • ‘We corresponded for almost two years, writing flirtatious letters, thriving on the sexual energy of that two-day encounter.’
      • ‘Accordingly, the long rows of elegant boxes face one another rather than the stage in order that the occupants might entertain themselves with flirtatious glances, fluttering fans and the endless passing of notes.’
      • ‘‘Good, you look great, very cozy,’ he told her with a playful, almost flirtatious wink.’