Meaning of flirtatiously in English:


Pronunciation /flɜːˈteɪʃəsli/


See flirtatious

‘I was trying to get into the VIP room at a club recently and this guy blocked my way, really flirtatiously.’
  • ‘Brushing her brunette locks against her soft-skinned shoulders, she swayed her beautiful head flirtatiously - swaying quite a lot, it has to be said - as she indulged me in the briefest of conversation.’
  • ‘Skittle-shaped and with brown eyes twinkling, he jabbers away almost flirtatiously, a testament to the extraordinary energy that he invests in everything.’
  • ‘Such are his skills at flirtatiously demonstrating exactly what he means that we communicate effortlessly.’
  • ‘I said flirtatiously, ‘You know that tickles!’’