Meaning of float glass in English:

float glass


mass noun
  • Plate glass made by allowing it to solidify on a layer of molten metal.

    ‘The piece will cover a six metre stretch of ground and be produced in float glass, metal and paper.’
    • ‘Among these types, glass can be normal float glass, heat strengthened or fully tempered; it can be assembled in various combinations to create laminated glass with a variety of colored or patterned interlayers.’
    • ‘The initial product line includes washed and papered clear float glass and non-glare glass.’
    • ‘You walk as on a mirror here, float glass, marking the meeting of the worlds.’
    • ‘The EPG has a sandwich construction: Two pieces of heat-strengthened float glass with a - 0.76-mm layer of polyvinyl butyral in between.’
    • ‘‘I'm not sure the glass replacement industry would like it, but we could make a windshield much less prone to chipping and cracking for a price that's only 10% to 15% more than regular float glass,’ claims Gerardi.’
    • ‘These five-feet long, seven-feet high and two-feet broad high technology showcases have ‘Saint Gobain’ French float glass on all four sides.’
    • ‘The only problem is that I'd rather like one that I could use float glass with, but I think I will not get a kiln that can go hot enough.’
    • ‘Typically the residence time of material within the furnace is 24 hours for container furnaces and 72 hours for float glass furnaces.’
    • ‘The import tariffs on almost all goods traded among the six founding members including cement and float glass products have been cut to between zero and five percent.’
    • ‘In a joint venture with Saint Gobain, Pilkington is to undertake a significant expansion in Brazil, building its fourth float glass plant there.’
    • ‘The fabrication process relies on a high growth rate atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition technique compatible with the float glass manufacturing process.’
    • ‘In that year, scientists at Pilkington revolutionised the production of flat glass manufacture by the float glass process.’