Meaning of float someone's boat in English:

float someone's boat


  • Appeal to or excite someone, especially sexually.

    • ‘If that's what floats your boat, go for it, but it leads us nowhere fast.’
    • ‘But if shopping doesn't float your boat, there's some impressive architecture along this route.’
    • ‘Researching double-glazing or heating boilers may not float your boat but it should save you enough to make it worth your while.’
    • ‘Somehow, redecorating the entire house three times a year, putting up more bookshelves than the National Library and handcrafting a bedroom suite out of lollipop sticks doesn't exactly float my boat.’
    • ‘Jane laughed and said, ‘Whatever floats your boat.’’
    • ‘Personally, I didn't like heavy metal bands, but hey, like I always said, ‘Whatever floats your boat and sinks your ship.’’
    • ‘‘Whatever floats your boat, sweetheart,’ he said nonchalantly.’
    • ‘Listen, if wearing pantyhose floats your boat and everyone is happy, good for you.’
    • ‘What works for me may not be what floats your boat.’
    • ‘We live in the moment; and whatever floats your boat is OK.’