Meaning of floating rib in English:

floating rib



  • Any of the lower ribs which are not attached directly to the breastbone.

    Also called false rib

    ‘The tenth rib may be a floating rib (a frequent observation by Japanese investigators).’
    • ‘The focus is on lengthening the space between the hip bones and the lower, floating ribs - the area where the baby is growing and the mother's internal organs are rising and shifting - and on opening the pelvis.’
    • ‘Here toe kicks should be directed at the larger, most accessible areas - such as the lower abdomen and floating ribs.’
    • ‘Along the lateral side of the chest and through the free ends of the floating ribs, it meets the former branch at the hip region.’
    • ‘The punch is again parried as the defender steps forward with the right foot and a counter attack is made by a punch to the attacker's floating ribs.’
    • ‘At the same time that you step, strike with your elbow against the attacker's floating ribs.’
    • ‘Here it is used to target the floating ribs as the arm is captured and pulled back.’
    • ‘The agent's left floating rib cracked, and he gasped in pain and surprise.’