Meaning of floating vote in English:

floating vote


  • The vote of a person who has not decided which way to vote in an election, or one who does not consistently vote for the same political party.

    ‘the last-ditch campaigns focus on winning the increasing floating votes’
    • ‘That can only be done by directing all floating votes away from him.’
    • ‘They know they are in a bind with middle-class parents, whose goodwill—and floating votes—are need to get re-elected.’
    • ‘It now stands to cash in on the kudos and attract at least some of the 20 per cent or so floating votes.’
    • ‘The floating votes are fair game and present a chance for MPs to throw out well-rehearsed election campaign gambits.’
    • ‘It is the small percentage of floating votes that makes all the difference in Kerala elections.’
    • ‘They both know the only real way to clinch a floating vote is to meet every possible voter in person.’
    • ‘The Scottish-Irish team hope that as nations fall out, they will turn to the Celtic nations: there are up to five such floating votes in the 14-strong committee.’
    • ‘We might gain a few floating votes from the 20 or so members of the club.’
    • ‘Is this overconfidence, or a confident leader's bid to demoralize rivals and sway floating votes?’
    • ‘The floating votes went to Congress because people do not accept fanatic politics.’