Meaning of flocculation in English:


Pronunciation /flɒkjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/



See flocculate

‘It is known that liposomes (used as drug carriers) can be modified with poloxamers to prolong their circulation time in the blood stream as well as to prevent their flocculation, fusion, or binding.’
  • ‘Several previous reports have dealt with the experimental and theoretical aspects of depletion aggregation, often termed depletion flocculation, as applied to the general field of colloid chemistry.’
  • ‘At periods of slack water, increased mixing of the saline wedge with fluvial waters from the distributary channel decreases effluent outflow rates, accelerating flocculation of clay particles and their deposition from suspension.’
  • ‘The input of fluvial waters into either brackish or marine waters suggests that flocculation may have been a significant mechanism responsible for the deposition of the clay-sized suspended fraction in such environments.’
  • ‘A significant portion of these pollutants is deposited in the sediment by adsorption, flocculation and sedimentation, constituting potential sources of chemical contamination of the water column.’