Meaning of flock wallpaper in English:

flock wallpaper


mass noun
  • Wallpaper sized and sprinkled with powdered wool to make a raised pattern.

    ‘Its interior, a jumble of brown velvet seats and gold flock wallpaper, is deemed too small for a modern arts centre.’
    • ‘I don't actually ever go to cinemas because they always seem to be full of people talking and eating and I avoid mass-market music because it's always geared to appeal to too many people to make it anything other than audible flock wallpaper.’
    • ‘The Indian restaurants I learnt to recognise by their flock wallpaper, swirly carpets and high-backed chairs, but I knew I was entering an Egon Ronay because a little plaque beside the door told me so.’
    • ‘As always, she felt belittled by the unimaginative décor - maroon carpet and red flock wallpaper - which screamed cheap bordello.’
    • ‘New wave Indian restaurateurs are eschewing the traditional image of chicken tikka, lager and flock wallpaper in favour of stylish interiors and posh cuisine.’
    • ‘On the one hand, there are plenty of places where, along with the clichéd flock wallpaper, the menu starts at chicken tikka masala and ends at prawn vindaloo.’
    • ‘She found herself in a rather tatty entrance hallway, with new maroon flock wallpaper and, less impressively, peeling paint and worn carpeting.’
    • ‘‘All the beams had been painted black and there was red flock wallpaper on the walls,’ says McKell.’
    • ‘There was a dry hush over the room, the sort of hush that one would normally expect to feel through a smoky room, through age-stained flock wallpaper.’
    • ‘After 60s tower blocks and flock wallpaper, it is the turn of brothel decor to come in for cultural re-evaluation.’
    • ‘The stereotyping of characters also looks as dated as flock wallpaper.’
    • ‘It was a great, old fashioned pub with brown, peeling flock wallpaper and dingy prints that had no rhyme nor reason.’
    • ‘There are no migraine-inducing swirly carpets fighting with flock wallpaper.’
    • ‘The imitation flock wallpaper and imitation red leather are proof of that.’
    • ‘You have nothing to lose but your net curtains, lava lamp and flock wallpaper.’
    • ‘In the days when every restaurant had to have red, flock wallpaper and dessert meant blackforest gateau, the red wine of choice of any sophisticated person was a good Nuits-Saint-Georges.’
    • ‘Red lacquer walls, flock wallpaper, stylised oriental wooden screens, Perspex bar stools and dining chairs somehow work for this moody space overlooking the Avon.’
    • ‘An exception is a large sample of the earliest known flock wallpaper to survive in Ireland.’
    • ‘Deficit recovery is a bit of a grey area, but ‘anti-fraud initiatives’ clearly relates to one thing, and one thing only - the expense of superimposing a ghostly flock wallpaper pattern over the top of your photo.’
    • ‘They've stripped the ceiling back to reveal the girders and piping, like some dated metropolitan style bar, yet they've kept the chandelier and the flock wallpaper and painted everything else an undistinguished sludgy brown.’