Meaning of flood level in English:

flood level


  • The height reached by a body of water resulting from the overflow of a river beyond its normal limits.

    ‘drier weather means flood levels are expected to fall’
    • ‘At 5 p.m. Wednesday, the river was at 22 feet—10 feet above flood level—according to the National Weather Service.’
    • ‘Even in some cities where the crest had passed, water was still 10 to 12 feet above flood level.’
    • ‘Days of heavy rain across the state have nine rivers at or above historic flood levels.’
    • ‘The thickly wooded floodplain has very elevated greens, engineered to keep them above maximum flood levels.’
    • ‘He said the height of the school would be two feet above the area's highest flood level.’
    • ‘The new assistant engineer is particularly interested in any photographs or records of flood levels from 1947.’
    • ‘They live in villages, in houses built on stilts above flood level.’
    • ‘Angola's rainfall determines the flood levels of the Okavango Delta.’
    • ‘His research led him to believe flood levels on the site could increase by 20 per cent within the next 50 years.’
    • ‘The various high flood levels of the River Trent have been carved into the stone by the bridge.’