Meaning of floodway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflʌdweɪ/


North American
  • A channel built to take the floodwaters of a river.

    ‘the floodway is used every second spring on average’
    • ‘About 40 per cent of water flowing into the Seine River at peak flows would be diverted directly into the floodway.’
    • ‘The water-level study shows that the expanded floodway would benefit some communities at the 1997 flood levels.’
    • ‘In order to build the course, a floodway needed to be moved, which required permits from the Department of Natural Resources.’
    • ‘An enlarged floodway will eventually protect the city against a flood likely to occur once in about 700 years.’
    • ‘There has probably been little doubt for some months now that an ambitious plan to greatly expand the Greater Winnipeg Floodway will proceed.’
    • ‘Backed by their representatives in Congress, they demand a $165 million project to, yes, prevent too much flooding in the floodway.’
    • ‘The truck and its two trailers veered off the road and plowed across a floodway before spilling its contents.’
    • ‘It may open a floodway that hasn't been used since 1973.’
    • ‘This project gives people living outside the city some of the benefits of the floodway.’
    • ‘The proposed alternate project must not be located in the regulatory floodway and will have to be insured if located in the 100-year floodplain.’