Meaning of floor-length in English:


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  • (especially of clothing) reaching down to the floor.

    ‘a floor-length skirt’
    • ‘A clingy body stocking complements a floor-length skirt with a pareo tied at the waist for flair.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in the high street, thong and push-up bra sales are heading south, while Victorian blouses and floor-length skirts are the must-haves of the autumn and winter ranges.’
    • ‘Her clothes echoed her hair - she would dress in the embroidered shirts and wide floor-length skirts of the southern state of Oaxaca, and she would often paint herself in this guise.’
    • ‘I liked his slinky grey silver silk charmeuse long-sleeve floor-length dress.’
    • ‘Off came the floor-length gowns, on went the hot-pants.’
    • ‘She looked beyond amazing with the dirty blond, now tainted with golden blond, hair extensions in the bun with the deep pinkish red floor-length gown.’
    • ‘Dressed in floor-length robes and his head draped in cloth, Mutwa offered the detectives a disturbing interpretation of the boy's murder.’
    • ‘Georgian women wear long, floor-length gowns, with a tight bodice and long sleeves ending at the waist.’
    • ‘Common to each are the voluminous floor-length robes, and long head cloths which they wrap many times around their heads to cover all but a slit for their eyes.’
    • ‘Where Pimlott chose to stage Richard II in a clinical white box set and to clothe it in modern dress, Attenborough set both parts of Henry IV on a dark stage and dressed its characters in earth-toned, floor-length robes.’
    • ‘Completing their rotations, they cast off their black cloaks, revealing white floor-length gowns beneath.’
    • ‘Gilb's portrayal of the titular character is particularly striking, effortlessly balancing eroticism and repugnance in each swoop of her floor-length gown.’
    • ‘He led her to the couch and got them comfortably arranged, with her feet drawn up under her white, floor-length gown, and her head against his chest.’
    • ‘Audrey was wearing a very elegant sparkling light pink floor-length gown.’
    • ‘They're the kind of dames who can wear floor-length gowns and look completely naked.’
    • ‘A floor-length skirt cleverly references formal evening-dress codes, but it is also romantic and soft.’
    • ‘She was wearing a black floor-length skirt and a white v-neck shirt.’
    • ‘The other attendants wore gold and ivory floor-length dresses and carried matching dolly bags, with posies of white roses.’
    • ‘The dress is formal, so I was wanting to buy a nice but not floor-length dress and some low-heeled shoes to wear.’
    • ‘I spun around, showing off my floor-length coat.’