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floor show


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  • An entertainment presented on the floor (as opposed to the stage) of a nightclub, restaurant, or similar venue.

    ‘Of course, 60 years ago $10 would cover a filet mignon or lobster dinner with drinks as well a floor show in a posh night club.’
    • ‘Nightly entertainment at hotels and clubs consists of a floor show of limbo dancing, folk dance, and live bands.’
    • ‘We are offering that service with an added edge- a floor show they won't find anywhere else in the world.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, by the time you read this, weather conditions and commercialism will have transformed Sonja Henie's former home away from home into an outdoor café. The frigid floor show reopens in mid-October.’
    • ‘So when the universe decides it's my turn there is almost certainly a cosmic gathering of monumental proportions that stands on the sideline and waits for the floor show.’
    • ‘If the management had invested more in the floor show, it would help offset their major sin: mediocre pizza at exorbitant prices.’
    • ‘You can order canapés, crab cakes, oyster and caviar and if you can take your eyes off the floor show and the gorgeous women on show, you may even have time to eat.’
    • ‘This time I went straight for the first floor show and managed to catch it right from the beginning -which is no mean feat when it's 45 minutes long.’
    • ‘Like they'd been practising their own little contribution to the floor show for some time, the leader cantered off to the side and made space for two other riders to come forward.’
    • ‘The Glynneath club featured a floor show, and one artist who had played there contacted me.’
    • ‘This price includes a buffet breakfast, the use of the hotel's conference facilities, lunch, a gala dinner and a floor show.’
    • ‘He had a real mean look in his eyes and both the cronies had turned round now to give me their full attention, the reflected floor show in the mirrors not letting them see enough.’
    • ‘And for those on the top deck, the floor show had just begun.’
    • ‘But there is a floor show, where gaucho dancers in regional costumes dance in boots and spurs.’
    • ‘I'll treat you to lunch at Milliways, we'll even stay for the floor show!’
    • ‘When all six feet of an irritated Amazon queen gets going, it's better than a floor show.’
    • ‘He wondered if this was the beginning of the floor show, but shook his head in confusion.’
    • ‘Although their music can be a bit bland at times, they really put on a fantastic floor show.’
    • ‘Its live floor show roots ensure that it fulfils all camp requirements outrageously and effortlessly.’
    • ‘Then there is the annual birthday party and floor show.’
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