Meaning of floppiness in English:



See floppy

‘Possible side effects include stiffness, floppiness, shakes/tremors, eye rolling/blurred vision, speech/dribbling problems, excessive sweating and racing heartbeat.’
  • ‘I have a type ‘C’ hangover, low-powered but persistent, a continuing feeling of gentle nausea with general floppiness and apathy attached.’
  • ‘Causes of this type of breathing may include vocal cord paralysis or weakness, floppiness in the airways or voice box, or a blood vessel pressing on the outside of the airway (vascular compression).’
  • ‘Sometimes it embodied narrower military dandyism, as men sported rolled silk handkerchiefs instead of sword knots, slashed the seams housing the peaks of their caps to make them lie flatter, or shrank berets to eliminate floppiness.’
  • ‘The condition presents when children fail to reach their motor milestones and when they show qualitative differences in motor development, such as asymmetric gross motor function or unusual muscle stiffness or floppiness.’