Meaning of floricultural in English:



See floriculture

‘She turned her attention to floricultural crops - the bright and dazzling fresh flowers that make their way into decorative vases, wedding chapels, and well-groomed backyards.’
  • ‘He tackled quite a number of advantages which included incentives in the agriculture sector where export oriented floricultural crops are highly encouraged.’
  • ‘With a cultivated area of 60 hectares Hosur is one of the major floricultural belts in the State.’
  • ‘He cited the horticultural and floricultural sectors that were exporting produce to foreign markets, especially the European Union.’
  • ‘The floricultural sub-sector has performed very well so far as evidenced by increased exports.’



/flɒrɪˌˈkʌltʃ(ə)r(ə)l/ /flɔːrɪˌˈkʌltʃ(ə)r(ə)l/