Meaning of floridly in English:



See florid

‘The lost art of well-jumping, an odyssey with the best mango in India as its objective, a Corbett-inspired episode starring a man-eating tiger - these could be seen either as images natural to the story, or as floridly exotic elements.’
  • ‘The film doesn't stint in showing us the results of these dark deeds; while the imagery isn't floridly splattery it doesn't mask things in shadows either.’
  • ‘The young man, floridly mad, believed that he had been cheated by his family of an inheritance that would have made him extremely rich.’
  • ‘This more than anything will become their signature - everything about them will be seized on, floridly discussed, and stay unexplained.’
  • ‘Of these, the most outstanding was the floridly entitled Palace of the Commander of the Arsenal, a squat stone tower embellished with statues.’