Meaning of floristics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of phytogeography concerned with the study of plant species present in an area.

    ‘In addition, upper canopy vegetation is an efficient predictor of the understory vegetation and results from woody plant floristics may apply to other plants with similar distribution patterns.’
    • ‘Students rotated from one scientist to another, assisting with data collection, and gained insight into each scientist's particular area (wetland ecology, cryptogams, syntaxonomy, floristics, or natural history).’
    • ‘The first chapter deals with floristics and the origin of the floras of the Sonoran Desert.’
    • ‘Variation in shade management on coffee farms provides a gradient of similar habitats that vary in the complexity of vegetative structure and floristics.’
    • ‘You can find more information about floristics, collections, and images of flowering plants by looking through our Listings of Remote Catalogs.’



/fləˈrɪstɪks/ /flɒˈrɪstɪks/