Meaning of flory in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflɔːri/


(also fleury)
predicative or postpositive
  • 1Heraldry
    Decorated with fleurs-de-lis.

    ‘Plain ‘school’ radiators are popular, but some wonderfully fancy, over-the-top, decorative and even flory flourishes can also appear on old radiators.’
    • ‘A semé or semy of fleur de lis can be described as fleury, but that can cause confusion as fleury is also used to describe a decoration of the ends of a cross (cross fleury or croix fleury).’
    1. 1.1(of a cross) having the end of each limb splayed out into three pointed lobes.
      ‘The cross located on the roof is a mix between Celtic and fleury design, with the circle in the center representing eternity and the lily petals on the arms representing life.’
      • ‘Foliage like flames surrounds the base of a fleury cross.’
      • ‘This is a black fleury cross pewter charm.’


    flory counter-flory
    • Decorated with fleurs-de-lis set in alternating directions.

      ‘The crest has a red Scottish lion with a fleury counter fleury collar resembling the tressure in the arms of that country.’
      • ‘The double tressure, fleury-counter-fleury, is part of the royal arms and is apparently granted only as a mark of royal favor.’


Late Middle English from Old French floure, from flour ‘flower’.