Meaning of flower bed in English:

flower bed


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  • A garden plot in which flowers are grown.

    ‘But realizing that variety also creates interest, she decided to draw special attention to a recessed flower bed by changing her choice of mulch in that one garden.’
    • ‘Your early-purchased tomato plants can be put into large containers, set into the ground in sheltered parts of the garden or even planted in the flower bed.’
    • ‘While not particularly attractive for a flower bed, they work wonderfully in the vegetable garden.’
    • ‘I've got some kitschy little garden ornaments in the flower bed.’
    • ‘The rear garden has a raised flower bed and gravel area which is suitable for al fresco dining.’
    • ‘The flower bed in the front garden is being strangled by a vine-like weed that wraps itself around all my plants.’
    • ‘Stewy was discovered just before midnight, in a flower bed in the garden of Shaz's house four miles away.’
    • ‘But in a perennial flower bed, you might want something more permanent and decorative.’
    • ‘It softens the stone of the pathway and in the flower bed, acts as a living mulch - no more weeds to pull!’
    • ‘It is hoped the new community garden will include a large flower bed and water feature.’
    • ‘If weeding a large flower bed, you can use a hoe, but take care not to damage the roots of the plants around them.’
    • ‘If you're photographing a flower bed, look around.’
    • ‘One is in a flower bed, the other potted and in the house.’
    • ‘After seeing pictures of red sedum with nice red blooms, I planted some in my front flower bed.’
    • ‘If you are planting a flower bed, at least make a rough map showing by location the colors and foliage types you'd like to display.’
    • ‘I have two camellia bushes that are very old and planted in the flower bed by the front porch.’
    • ‘The key to all this is picturing in your mind the flower bed in the spring when the only thing popping out are the bulbs you have planted.’
    • ‘A ten percent germination rate can leave a lot of bare soil in a flower bed, or lead to a disappointment of broccoli.’
    • ‘Use them to blanket a problem slope or fill a new flower bed in a hurry.’
    • ‘I planted the same plants at the other end of the flower bed and both pink and white varieties are doing fine.’