Meaning of flower head in English:

flower head

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  • A compact mass of flowers at the top of a stem, especially a capitulum.

    ‘Seeds were collected from these two rows of the flower head only and at defined days after anthesis.’
    • ‘The pipewort family, whose plants put forth a single flower head on one stem, is well represented by three kinds of pipeworts, at least two kinds of bog-buttons, and one species of hatpins.’
    • ‘It relates to the disposition of leaves on a stem and seeds in a flower head.’
    • ‘Pinch the stem under the flower head firmly and give it a snap.’
    • ‘This species has sweet and palatable bulbs and also bears clusters of bulbils at the flower head.’
    • ‘The flower head consists of a spathe and spadix.’
    • ‘From the Asiatics, the new hybrids inherit their warmer colors and upright calyx (the green outer spiral of leaf that holds the flower head up).’
    • ‘When the flowers begin to fade and before a seed pod forms, cut the flower head… but be careful to leave the foliage to die back naturally.’
    • ‘To try your luck, remove the flower head after the petals fade, let the tulips complete their life cycle, then plant outdoors.’
    • ‘We allowed the female to remain on the senesced plant, while we introduced a male to the stem of the healthy plant, immediately below the flower head.’
    • ‘In broccoli and cauliflower, the damage is indirect because caterpillars eat the leaves and not the commercial flower head.’
    • ‘Once a flower head has reached the point where its seeds are mature, the plant will usually stop producing flowers.’
    • ‘If you look closely at the flower head you can see lots of bulbils forming - each one of those will grow into a new plant if it gets the chance.’
    • ‘Eggs are deposited among the florets on the face of the flower head.’
    • ‘Leeks will reseed, and they have a beautiful flower head.’
    • ‘Let's move on to consider the shot of a single flower head.’
    • ‘Heads of bell-shaped pendant drops form the flower head.’
    • ‘The flower head is small, initially no more than an inch across.’
    • ‘Alternatively you can make squares to stick on the front of the cards with a flower head or some other decoration.’
    • ‘She perched on the edge of the fountain, snapping off a flower head as she passed.’