Meaning of flowering currant in English:

flowering currant


  • An ornamental shrub grown for its clusters of small pinkish-red flowers.

    Genus Ribes, family Grossulariaceae: several species, in particular R. sanguineum

    ‘The flowering currants are perhaps the best known shrubs of the Ribes family but there are other equally garden-worthy members, including Ribes odoratum, or Buffalo currant, from central North America.’
    • ‘The flowering currant, common in many city gardens, was considered so important a find in 1826 as to be worth the entire cost of a north American expedition.’
    • ‘The flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum, makes a brave showing in spring.’
    • ‘In Washington, they feed heavily on red flowering currant, salmonberry, honeysuckle, and on sugar-water at hummingbird feeders.’
    • ‘The plant in question is Ribies Sanguineum Alba, the white flowered version of the popular pink flowering currant.’