Meaning of flowerpecker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflaʊəˌpɛkə/


  • A very small songbird with a short bill and tail, feeding chiefly on insects in flowers and found in Australasia and SE Asia.

    Family Dicaeidae (the flowerpecker family): two genera, especially Dicaeum. The flowerpecker family also includes the pardalotes and the mistletoe bird

    ‘Fruits displayed on the tips of branches are available primarily to small birds-the flowerpeckers, mynas and delicate, hovering sunbirds that can feed on the wing.’
    • ‘Just on the other side of one window was a fruiting shrub that attracted two species of leaf birds, as well as orange-bellied flowerpeckers.’
    • ‘Some groups (e.g. sunbirds, flowerpeckers) have keys to identification.’
    • ‘Even more salutary was the case of the four-coloured flowerpecker, thought to be extinct on the grounds that the Philippine island of Cebu, its only habitat, had been deforested.’
    • ‘I wondered if it had been a flowerpecker, but I was almost certain the head was entirely red, and the back wasn't the dark, flat blue of a flowerpecker.’