Meaning of flue gas in English:

flue gas


  • A mixture of gases produced by the burning of fuel or other materials in power stations and industrial plants and extracted via ducts.

    ‘the company uses a biological process to treat flue gases from steel plants’
    • ‘The project coordinator tests the flue gases from a boiler.’
    • ‘Chimneys are particularly vulnerable due to the sulphate content of the flue gases.’
    • ‘The post-incineration process includes six cleansing operations to remove pollutants from the flue gases.’
    • ‘The flue gas is passed through an aqueous limestone slurry containing formic acid.’
    • ‘In summer, when cooking only is desired, most of the mass can be bypassed by the flue gases.’
    • ‘Such is the consciousness about health and safety that the flue gasses are measured on an hourly basis seven days a week.’
    • ‘Though you remove the flue gases more quickly, the impact of this can be significant.’
    • ‘In our opinion, noxious flue gas, produced by the combustion of natural gas in the boiler, has been entering the premises.’
    • ‘The company has developed processes that can remove carbon dioxide from flue gases, for less than $10 per metric tonne.’
    • ‘The silicon dioxide can be used to remove sulphur dioxide from the flue gases.’