Meaning of flue pipe in English:

flue pipe


  • 1A pipe acting as a flue.

    ‘There was Harry Cat, curled up tight as tight in a paint tray that'd been washed out and left to dry on the counter over the heating boiler, right up against the flue pipe.’
    • ‘Such inspections should look for blocked openings to flues and chimneys; cracked or disconnected flue pipe; dirty filters; rust or cracks in the heat exchanger; soot or creosote build-up; and exhaust or gas odors.’
    • ‘Metal flashings can be found around plumbing pipes, chimneys, flue pipes, attic vents, skylights, and in areas where the roof meets a wall, chase, or other vertical surface.’
    • ‘Examine the condition of the flashings around chimneys, flue pipes, vent caps and anyplace where the roof and walls intersect.’
    • ‘They are an attractive, affordable alternative to metal chimney caps and exposed flue pipes, but there is much more to them.’
    • ‘Gas fireplaces also utilize specific types and sizes of flue piping, and in most instances they cannot be vented into an existing masonry chimney or utilize existing woodstove flue pipes.’
    • ‘The place to check for carbon monoxide is not inside the flue pipe.’
    • ‘First, there is the matter of the $600 charge to extend the flue pipe above the roof line or to another approved location.’
    • ‘A water heater flue pipe should extend at least 12 inches above the roof line and should terminate no closer than four feet from an openable window.’
    • ‘The company provides loans to the 221 farmers in form of agricultural inputs as well as roofing sheets and flue pipes for constructing barns, where tobacco is cured (dehydrated).’
    • ‘Fuel burning appliances should be rust free as well as flue pipes.’
    • ‘A large wood cookstove was farther up the outer wall, its flue pipe leading to a brick chimney.’
    • ‘Homeowners, masons, architects, and builders are specifying chimney pots as an alternative to less attractive metal wind and rain guards and flue pipes.’
  • 2An organ pipe into which the air enters directly without striking a reed.