Meaning of fluorescent screen in English:

fluorescent screen


  • A transparent screen coated with fluorescent material to show images from X-rays.

    ‘These electrons are further accelerated to strike a fluorescent screen, where the effects can easily be seen by the eyes.’
    • ‘Roentgen noticed that a fluorescent screen in his lab started to glow when the electron beam was turned on.’
    • ‘A long, thin guide wire with a smooth rounded tip is first inserted and then guided, under X-ray control using a fluorescent screen or a TV image intensifier, into the vessel to be examined.’
    • ‘For fluoroscopy, which was preferred because of its speed, a physician observed the patient's wound ‘in real time’ on a fluorescent screen.’
    • ‘These electrons are then accelerated by a static electric field towards a fluorescent screen.’
    • ‘The electrons, spreading as they move away from the needle, strike the surface of a (positively charged) fluorescent screen.’