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  • 1Chemistry
    A compound of fluorine with another element or group, especially salt of the anion F⁻ or an organic compound with fluorine bonded to an alkyl group.

    ‘Highly substituted alkyl fluorides, perfluoroalkanes, are now used as artificial blood substitutes because of their oxygen transporting properties.’
    • ‘What Sanpaolesi had aimed to do was to consolidate the deteriorated surface of the marble by forming a layer of calcium, zinc and magnesium fluorides and silica gel on the marble surface.’
    • ‘Many elements form fluorides, however, that cannot be labeled covalent or ionic; these halides exhibit the characteristics of polymeric compounds.’
    • ‘Aluminum is derived in a process that produces air pollutants (e.g., particulates and gaseous fluorides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter).’
    • ‘Fluxes containing fluorides, chlorides, silica, and borax provide both covering and cleaning, along with the ability to dissolve and collect these objectionable oxide skins.’
  • 2mass noun Sodium fluoride or another fluorine-containing salt added to water supplies or toothpaste in order to reduce tooth decay.

    ‘Like all the other dentists, Lester had learnt in dental school that fluoride reduces tooth decay.’
    • ‘There is overwhelming evidence that fluoride can substantially reduce tooth decay.’
    • ‘Use fluoride toothpaste as fluoride makes teeth stronger and more resistant to acid attacks.’
    • ‘A ‘yes’ vote would allow health authorities to make water companies add fluoride to supplies in areas where it is supported.’
    • ‘AN MP claims the government's backing for putting fluoride in water supplies could be a recipe for murder - with a cup of tea.’
    • ‘Both dentists and scientists agree adding fluoride to the water supply is a safe, effective way to help protect teeth, especially young teeth.’
    • ‘However, in the mid-1990s, it began to question the wisdom of putting fluoride in the water supply.’
    • ‘Humberside Area Health Authority was to investigate the possibility of introducing fluoride into all water supplies in the county.’
    • ‘Lancaster City Council heard that water companies could be forced to add fluoride to drinking supplies under moves to prevent tooth decay.’
    • ‘Peers voted in favour of smoothing the way for water companies to put fluoride in their supplies when the Bill was debated in the Lords during the summer.’
    • ‘Some weeks ago we learned that a vote in Parliament had found two of our members in favour of adding fluoride to our water supply and one against.’
    • ‘Authority members backed the plan but after months of talks Yorkshire Water decided against adding fluoride to supplies.’
    • ‘The only way to discover whether people wanted fluoride in their water supplies was to hold mini referendums on the issue, he claimed.’
    • ‘You may have heard that the addition of fluoride to the water supply is dangerous and damaging.’
    • ‘A study of 25 popular brands of bottled water found that they were unlikely to contain enough fluoride to protect children's teeth.’
    • ‘The company is capable of adding fluoride to water supplies, but does not want to have to make the decision whether to or not.’
    • ‘Request local water company to supply water with optimum fluoride level.’
    • ‘Children with fissure sealants still need to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste.’
    • ‘The Minister for Health is dosing our tap water with chemical fluoride to supposedly give us better teeth.’
    • ‘The undersigned strongly support the introduction fluoride into the water supply at the earliest possible opportunity.’



/ˈflʊərʌɪd/ /ˈflɔːrʌɪd/


Early 19th century from fluorine+ -ide.