Meaning of fluorochrome in English:



  • A chemical that fluoresces, especially one used as a label in biological research.

    ‘In these experiments, the CTs of No.18 and No.19 were visualized simultaneously by painting these territories with differently labeled fluorochromes.’
    • ‘EtBr, as a fluorochrome intercalating into DNA, is widely used for the study of molecular organization of chromatin.’
    • ‘Slides were prepared using the same enzyme treatment employed for fluorochromes, except that they were not aged before staining.’
    • ‘This latter approach has the advantage that it introduces an amplification step and also avoids an initial conjugation of the fluorochrome to the primary antibody, which may lower its affinity.’
    • ‘This technology relies on the use of probes labelled with two different fluorochromes, one of which, when excited, is able to transfer its energy to the other via Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer.’



/ˈflʊərə(ʊ)krəʊm/ /ˈflɔːrə(ʊ)krəʊm/