Meaning of fluorometry in English:



(also fluorimetry)

See fluorometer

‘On coming in contact with lipid membranes, UVB induces the formation of reactive oxygen species, and the latter oxidize DCFH into DCF, which is fluorescent and can therefore be assayed by fluorometry.’
  • ‘Photochemical efficiency was studied with fast repetition rate fluorometry and xenon - pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry.’
  • ‘Fast repetition rate fluorometry has been used successfully to investigate the variable fluorescence characteristics of cyanobacteria in oceanic Case 1 waters.’
  • ‘Fast repetition rate fluorometry is an optical technique for estimating photosynthetic properties of phytoplankton from measurements of variable fluorescence yield.’
  • ‘One novel approach to detect contaminated platelets involves incubating a sample with a fluorescent-labeled vancomycin probe and then examining it by microvolume fluorometry.’