Meaning of fluoroscope in English:



  • An instrument with a fluorescent screen used for viewing X-ray images without taking and developing X-ray photographs.

    ‘At the far end of the room was a door that we knew led into the testing area - full of fluoroscopes and x-ray machines and other bits of kit with unpronounceable names.’
    • ‘It can be done, but it would be preferable to be done by someone who could use either an ultrasound or a fluoroscope to be sure they're in the right place.’
    • ‘The plaintiff's claim for loss of business is based in part on an estimate of billings provided by Dr. McMaster, a veterinarian who uses a fluoroscope produced by a different manufacturer.’
    • ‘The horses were then hooked up to the fluoroscope.’
    • ‘Inside are five treatment tables and a fluoroscope.’



/ˈflʊərəskəʊp/ /ˈflɔːrəskəʊp/