Meaning of fluorosis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A chronic condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine compounds, marked by mottling of the teeth and, if severe, calcification of the ligaments.

    ‘Chronic excessive fluoride intake can result in fluorosis, an unaesthetic mottling of the teeth.’
    • ‘A long-known reason is dental fluorosis associated with excessive fluoride intake.’
    • ‘None of the 199 children studied had evidence of fluorosis, using the tooth surface index of fluorosis.’
    • ‘Experts, however, remain divided over epidemiological research that has suggested that water fluoridation might be linked to osteoporosis, dental fluorosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and other health problems.’
    • ‘Excess fluoride can cause a condition called skeletal fluorosis.’



/flʊəˈrəʊsɪs/ /flɔːˈrəʊsɪs/