Meaning of flute-like in English:



See flute

‘But generally it is accepted that choirboys produce a more flute-like, pure, penetrating voice than girls, who have a slightly more breathy and husky quality.’
  • ‘The flute-like ney and the rebec-like kemenche make peculiar sounds that instantly evoke Turkey or Persia and which have an eerily human affect in their tone that is remarkable.’
  • ‘The village band consisted of five men with flute-like objects, one bloke with an enormous bass drum and a small child with a snare drum and a bad sense of rhythm.’
  • ‘The duduk is a small, flute-like instrument made out of apricot wood and played in many parts of the Middle East and Central Asia.’
  • ‘The flute-like tones created by blowing air into the pipes is weirdly animal-like.’