Meaning of fluting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfluːtɪŋ/

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  • 1mass noun Sound reminiscent of that of a flute.

    ‘the silvery fluting of a blackbird’
    • ‘The male, beautifully patterned in buttercup-yellow and jet black, may first reveal his presence by glorious fluting.’
    • ‘An aura of mystery weaves a pattern blended with the unheard of melody of fluting.’
    • ‘The warm, glowing drone of Oliveros' accordion breathes its way through a patchwork of chimes and the gentle fluting of the whistlebuoys.’
    • ‘Based on a circular pattern of groaning trumpets and feminine fluting of electronics, the piece bristles into dense, frictional clouds that eventually rain down light dustings of tinkling piano.’
    • ‘Each sought to wound the other's pride, but their sweet fluting pierced only the evening silence.’
  • 2A groove or set of grooves forming a surface decoration.

    ‘a hollow stem with vertical flutings’
    • ‘Two broken minarets over the main arch resemble the Qutb in their flutings.’
    • ‘In it is a niche, wherein the statue of St. Canice stood, and inverted stone cones with eight grooves, or flutings, for holy water.’
    • ‘The red sandstone tower of Qutab Minar is 72.5 m high, tapering from 14.32 m at its base to 2.75 m in diameter at its peak, and alternating in angular and rounded flutings.’
    • ‘Acid etching was used to produce a regular pattern of raised red lines, like the fluting on a classical column.’
    • ‘Leaves, rocks, shells, fish scales, all vanished in favour of a few urn-like finials, a hint of metope or columnar fluting, or the suggestion of a pediment.’
    • ‘The marginal fluting of the septa consists mainly of backward pointing tubes in a dendritic pattern that form buttresses resembling columnal arches of Gothic churches.’
    • ‘However, the more complexly the marginal fluting, the better is the anchorage of the soft tissue to the buoyant conch.’
    • ‘The artist also parallels the columnar folds of Peace's drapery and the regular fluting of the columns behind her.’
    • ‘On the Wilbur plane there is decorative fluting below the chamfer stops on the toe and heel end of the plane.’
    • ‘The septal marginal fluting has a bilateral symmetry, whereby between correlative sutural lobes on both flanks the septum is adorally convex in a perfect arch.’
    • ‘The Gowran Font is richly decorated with blind or closed fluting, often described as Ossory Fluting, being particular to the Diocese of Ossory and not found elsewhere.’
    • ‘The bolt body is partially covered with shallow fluting to allow space for any debris - ice, mud or dirt - to accumulate without binding or jamming the bolt in the action.’
    • ‘Her eyes, a startling blue-gray danced and twinkled in the light streaming in from tall, elegant windows framed with green marble columns topped by gold-painted fluting.’
    • ‘The stock features light fluting along each side of the comb's nose, and is fitted with a steel buttplate so typical of the pre-war period.’
    • ‘Shaw also offers standard or helical fluting as an additional service.’
    • ‘The strigillation, or curvilinear fluting, of the frieze immediately below the Pantheon-domed roof is a type of enrichment associated with classical sarcophagi.’
    • ‘The lowest has alternately circular and triangular fluting, the second circular, the third triangular, while the fourth and fifth are mostly plain.’
    • ‘Mock Queen Anne fluting which was popular in this period is also a give-away, when combined with a hallmark for 1760, because at that time, very few people knew that a hallmark would reveal a date.’
    • ‘The lobules in complexly marginal fluting branch and expand to form deep lobes.’
    • ‘The steel columns are expressed: cruciform in shape, a modern fluting effect, they are chrome-plated.’


  • Reminiscent of the sound of a flute.

    ‘the golden, fluting voice filled the room’
    • ‘The fledgling let out an odd, fluting sound, and then his eyes squeezed closed.’
    • ‘He sighed and began to walk in the Cow's direction when a low, fluting voice reached his ears.’
    • ‘Sometimes, towards the end of February, walking across a boggy area where heather gave way to rushes and reed grasses, I would be startled by an eerie throbbing, bleating sound rising to a soft, fluting crescendo.’
    • ‘Her voice is deeper now, with a strange androgynous fluting quality.’
    • ‘The hollow, fluting song poured between the cork oaks, as rich as honey.’
    • ‘When you're alone in the Polo Lounge, the fluting tones of Australia's greatest son beckon you home like a lighthouse.’
    • ‘A dark purple dragon winked at her, and a fire-red phoenix with the occasional blue or green feather sprouting from its tail made the fluting noise.’