Meaning of flutter one's eyelashes in English:

flutter one's eyelashes


  • Open and close one's eyes rapidly in a coy, flirtatious manner.

    ‘She gave him a flirtatious grin, fluttering her eyelashes just a little for effect.’
    • ‘I stood and watched as she flicked her hair over her shoulder and fluttered her eyelashes at the closest guy.’
    • ‘Smiling, I tilted my head toward him and fluttered my eyelashes in what I hoped was a flirty manner.’
    • ‘Scarcely an exchange goes by without her flashing her top teeth, fluttering her eyelashes, pursing her lips or cocking her head with a teasing playfulness.’
    • ‘They fluttered their eyelashes at him from afar.’
    • ‘She fluttered her eyelashes at Mark, and he blushed again and fumbled for his wallet.’
    • ‘You'll just simper and flutter your eyelashes coyly.’
    • ‘I can be one of the boys, but when I want something I can flutter my eyelashes too.’
    • ‘He knows that he can cruise up on stage, croon out any old rubbish, flutter his eyelashes at the camera and get ten billion votes as a result.’
    • ‘All she had to do was flutter her eyelashes and he'd do anything for her.’