Meaning of fluttering in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflʌtərɪŋ/


  • 1(of a bird or other winged creature) flying unsteadily or hovering by flapping the wings quickly and lightly.

    ‘fluttering butterflies’
    • ‘In the battle between a massive prehistoric beast and a fluttering bird, we all know what's destined to come out on top.’
    • ‘She'd chase after it with all the tenacity of a cat pursuing a fluttering bird.’
    • ‘I can escape from the chaos, to wander about a virtual world full of fluttering butterflies.’
    • ‘Young and old alike can make their way through a tropical rainforest populated with 1,600 fluttering butterflies.’
    • ‘ It didn't prevent one of my hosts from presenting a parting gift as we prepared to leave: a live, fluttering chicken.’
    • ‘I had always been shy and these tiny fluttering creatures were my friends.’
    • ‘It has all the action you would expect, including fluttering crow, sword fights, and magic battles.’
    • ‘In warm weather, its fluttering hummingbirds are something to behold.’
    • ‘Fans of flowers and fluttering insects are encouraged to head out to the park.’
    • ‘A woman was minding wooden cages, filled with fluttering sparrows on sale.’
    1. 1.1Moving with a light irregular or trembling motion.
      ‘a fluttering banner’
      • ‘The sky is punctuated with a host of fluttering banners.’
      • ‘Fluid crepe tops and dresses are skewed to one side , creating "tails" with a fluttering boat sail effect.’
      • ‘Years drift by like the fluttering calendar pages in old movies.’
      • ‘The traditionalists out there will probably prefer a fluttering cape.’
      • ‘The dim space resembled a moonlit room, complete with shadows of windowpanes and fluttering curtains.’
      • ‘She was unaffected by my fluttering eyelashes.’
      • ‘The fluttering eyelids and the pompous school girl attitude is a vacuous display of self importance.’
      • ‘He claimed that the purpose of the alteration was to let more air in, but the fluttering fabric served to distract hitters.’
      • ‘Marching bands, giant fluttering flags, and a set of frantically warbled national anthems gave way to a firework display.’
      • ‘The fluttering petals remind me of how fleeting the seasons are.’
    2. 1.2(of a pulse or heartbeat) beating feebly or irregularly.
      ‘she complained of a fluttering heart and sweating’
      • ‘He has a condition known as atrial fibrillation, which means he has a fluttering heart.’
      • ‘The flavor enhancer that can trigger headaches, sweating, or a rapid or fluttering heartbeat.’
      • ‘These fluttering heartbeats allow blood to pool inside the heart.’
      • ‘It is showing faint signs of brain activity and a fluttering pulse.’
      • ‘Gradually his fluttering pulse slowed.’
      • ‘His fingers closed around one slender wrist, groping, and discovered a feeble, fluttering pulse.’
      • ‘I'd been working up to this for some weeks, with trembling hands and a fluttering heart.’
      • ‘Some of the faces she managed to recognise in spite of her fluttering heart.’
      • ‘She pressed the back of her hand to her heated lips and sat down, hoping to calm her fluttering heart.’
      • ‘One can almost visualize him keeping his finger on the patient's fluttering pulse.’